Tips To Help Your Salon Service Last Longer

The people who color their hair will know how that much expensive it is. The visit to hairdressers will offer you stylish and fresh-cut or color. The hair is glossy, color is rich, and you will feel happy and luscious. Keeping your hair in perfect condition can just like a battle.  Visit your Hair Salon and stylist every six-eight weeks can become costly. Here in this article, we will discuss the 5 Tips that will Make Your Hair Last Longer at a Hair Salon in detail. 

  • Preparing hair before coloring:

The day of a hair appointment it is  best to use a clarifying shampoo that can help remove any products that you have previously applied to your hair as well as any lingering residue. Over time, with the usage of regular shampoo, residue built-up that can coat your hair. It will harder for you to color your hair. 

  • Protection of color from over washing:

When we wash our hair on a regular basis, then the color you are used on your hair will vanish off. So, if you are over washing, you will require color protectant into the routine. Try less shampoo to your hair if you want to wash them regularly. Use specific color care range which is designed for protecting hair color. 

  • Choose your shampoo wisely:

The hair color will settle into your hair in 24-hours after applied it into your hair. If you go to your home and shampoo your hair, then the color will not settle well. It will lead toward the fading of your hair color. If you want that the color lasts longer, then wait for 24-hours to ensure that the color is completely settled into your hair. Just use cold water to wash your hair if you want to wash it. 

  • Say no to hot showers:

Lots of women love to have a long hot shower so that it can stripe skin and hair of moisture. Hot water not only makes hair color dull but also weaken them. If you want to look at your hair healthy and shiny, then lower water temperature while washing your hair. When shampooing your hair, only apply to your root. Avoid applying shampoo to whole hair because it can strip color as well as dry out your hair.  

  • Invest in a hair mask and other hair conditioning treatment:

Color-treated hair will be fragile and need care as well as attention from you. Invest your money in different conditioning treatment like hair oils and hair masks that add the moisture back to the colored hair. 

Take the product recommendation from colorist and use the products properly to maintain your hair health.


Hair is one of the best and popular way to change look overnight. It usually takes a long time to grow out. Proper change in hair color may require the best chemical treatment. It is important to have professional help and the above 5-tips to get adorable hair color and hair cut at a Hair Salon. Hope you will get plenty of information about how to Make Your Hair Last Longer at a Hair Salon.